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From The Owner
My name is Lonnie Leslie and I am the primary pilot for the company, the President, chief window washer and owner of LonAire and the aircraft. I am an Airline Transport Pilot with 8,700 total flight hours with 2,400 hours of Air Attack piloting experience. I graduated from Oklahoma State University, where I learned to fly. We have owned and operated several single engine aircraft and in 1993 acquired our first twin, a Cessna 340.

LonAire began operations in July 1997, first providing charters and later firefighting services. Our first large complex fire was in CO in September of 2000. We were hooked. Ever since that experience we have continuously upgraded our equipment and capabilities. Since that first fire, we have had the opportunity to work on numerous large fires, with complex and mixed aircraft operations, in all types of terrain and conditions. It has been my privilege to work and train with quite a few very experienced and highly capable ATGS.

In 2003 we acquired the nearly perfect Air Attack Platform in N47TT, a Turbine 840 Twin Commander. As you can see from the information on the home page of this website, we continue to be the first in the industry to incorporate the very latest in technology. If you can identify a need for the mission, be assured that we will find a way to meet that need.

LonAire is committed to providing safe, reliable transportation for our charter customers, and the best Air Attack Platform available anywhere.

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Progressively denser plumes of smoke can be seen rising to form a surrealistic scene. This photo was taken from the N47TT while on a tactical firefighting mission.